School’s back ergo work’s back

I saw this and had to post it! This is so me!

I’m eating mostly the same food but in much smaller proportions. Where I can, I am bulking up the protein and salad or vege portion and trying to get full on those, rather than the carb.

Because school holidays are over, I am back at work today where I can weigh myself on the scales that told me I was 82kg. I’m not expecting a loss given its only been a couple of days, but naturally a little part of me is hopeful.

I’m taking a lunch with me (poached chicken and salad) and an apple for afternoon tea. I’ve taken sausages out of the freezer for tea…pretty sure they’re not the best to eat when trying to lose weight but perhaps I’ll have one, rather than two? All these little changes will add up.

Term 3, here we come!


I’m baaaaack! And I’m fat!

Wow, it’s been months since I last wrote or visited! Life has been hectic…not in any special way. Just the usual challenges we face like working almost full time, running around after two sports-mad boys, running the household etc, etc. 

In the midst of this, I have managed to put on 10kg (or 22-ish pounds for my American friends). Awesome job. It crept on while I worked hard, keeping everything else ticking along. 

Running around like this, leaves no time/energy/mental head space for diet and exercise. It’s actually the lack of mental head space, more than the other two factors. When flying out the door in the mornings, I grab a few food items from the pantry and/or fridge to eat at my desk. However, these things are never nutritional nor satisfying, so after getting the kids from school and off to that day’s sports activity, I am famished. And probably a little dehydrated too. Which leads to unhealthy snacking when we get home whilst prepping dinner.

Six months of this routine has resulted in my “fat day jeans” fitting on the snug side. True fact. After a day of wearing them, I have to undo the button when I sit down. Over half of my wardrobe no longer fits.

Tomorrow the third school term begins and I’m looking down the barrel of further weight gain. Unless I do something about it of course…

…Enter accountability. I know myself well enough to know that without accountability I don’t do so well. I’ve shared my current weight with my colleagues, and a friend and now I’m going to share it with you too. Then, my intention is to make the time to check in here and write about my progress. I’m easily discouraged so I hope I can lean on my wonderful readers to provide some support? 

Before I go on to share my current stats, I just want to say, I don’t do ‘diets’. So please don’t be sharing or giving me advice on a soup diet, juice diet or oxygen-only diet! I’m the slow and steady, sensible diet and exercise kinda weight-loss girl. 

I’m 180cm tall (5′ 9″) and weigh 82kg (180 pounds). This is the heaviest I’ve ever been. My initial aim is to lose 5kg or drop a size so I can get into my clothes again. After that, I will reassess my goal and how I feel about myself. 

Im nervous I’m going to drop the ball this term though. As I said, life is hectic and I struggle to make diet and exercise a priority. However I’m excited by the fact that, since I’m starting now, I should be looking fit for the New Zealand summer!