School’s back ergo work’s back

I saw this and had to post it! This is so me!

I’m eating mostly the same food but in much smaller proportions. Where I can, I am bulking up the protein and salad or vege portion and trying to get full on those, rather than the carb.

Because school holidays are over, I am back at work today where I can weigh myself on the scales that told me I was 82kg. I’m not expecting a loss given its only been a couple of days, but naturally a little part of me is hopeful.

I’m taking a lunch with me (poached chicken and salad) and an apple for afternoon tea. I’ve taken sausages out of the freezer for tea…pretty sure they’re not the best to eat when trying to lose weight but perhaps I’ll have one, rather than two? All these little changes will add up.

Term 3, here we come!


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