Hello,  thanks for dropping by.

I write this blog to help me in my journey as a non-drinker… I didn’t drink every day. And when I did drink, I didn’t always end up binge drinking. I could enjoy a glass of wine and not feel the need to have any more. However, on the occasional nights that I drank to excess, I spent the next day feeling rotten – physically, mentally and emotionally. I beat myself up and my soul suffered. (See my very first post, titled Day 1 – A Pity Post.)

It actually feels like I have taken the “beer goggles” off and am living life through a clean, bright, shiny perspective. It (life) isn’t necessarily always attractive but I am seeing things how they are more clearly. Not over analysed or dramatized.

Water Girl has a few different meanings: 1) I am replacing wine with water and 2), when I am near water, especially the ocean, I am home.

When I am sober, my soul sings.




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