Home office/craft room – part 3

Hi team. I got derailed somehow and haven’t been here for a few weeks! I’m thrilled to say that my organisation of the home office has really improved the way things operate. Today I needed to send 10 small canvasses to the UK. I didn’t want them to get damaged so I went to my box of postage supplies and found exactly what I needed. I wrapped it all up, cardboard-surrounded and large plastic envelope to hand, and took it to the Post Office. 

It was so simple! No scrambling to find something to protect the canvasses. No time and money wasted on buying an envelope I didn’t need, because I already had one. And I knew exactly where to get the packing tape. Easy peasy and no stress at all.

That is exactly the whole reason I’ve spent hours on setting the office up.

And now, my desk: 

The three large coloured boxes across the top are filing boxes. 

The left and right ones are my son’s memory boxes. Inside those are their baby books, and things like photos, birthday cards from special friends/family (the rest are recycled), some treasured pictures and paintings, etc. It is a great system to keep all those loose bits.

In the middle box, are drop files containing my and hubby’s bank, tax, insurance etc, details. I used to keep this sort of thing in a binder, but it got too much for just a binder. Especially the house renovation file which contained lots of A3 sized plans. It saves the files from getting tatty.

On the next shelf below is a white binder titled Home Management Binder. It does what it says on the cover, lol. I use this binder to keep me and the house on track. If you would like to see an up-close post about it, let me know in the comments below this blog post.

I love the whiteboard and used to use it a lot but now I have my Home Management Binder. So I chose to hang these lovely affirmations I printed, from Dawn Breslin.

On the wee shelf below are my ‘little bits’. These are paper clips, bulldog clips, push pins, etc. I don’t have any drawers in this desk (its only downfall), so instead I recycled cherry tomato containers from the supermarket. I blu-tacked them to the desk so they don’t slide around, while I am rummaging. 

I’m so pleased with the effort I put in to get it like this. It’s working really well for me, and the family. I hesitated about labelling the drawers but I’m really glad I did. When asked, “Mum where is X?” I can happily say to hubby or the kids, “Go into the office and look at the drawers. It’s in one of them.” I don’t have to go and get what they have looked for and inevitably couldn’t find. 

That’s the whole room. Thank you for your non-judgy support with this. 



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