My chocolate minimum becomes my maximum

Yes, another chocolate post. Sorry. But this is something I really need to work on! After observing my reaction when something is “banished” and going by past experience, (which is to not have any for like 3 nights and then eat 3 night’s worth in one sitting), I decided a moderation approach may be best. 

Here’s what I decided. I will make my minimum chocolate consumption (8 squares), my new maximum. So I cannot have more than 8 squares each night. Less is more, right? In doing this, I am still having chocolate, but I’m undoubtedly having less, because on quite a few nights in the week, I was having more than 8 squares. 

Last night’s treat ^ My cup of decaf coffee and my 8 squares of chocolate. Let’s hope this approach works?! My waistline, teeth and sugar levels could do with less is more!


All chocoholics, please raise your hand

Ok so the subtitle to this blog says something like “a girl wanting to drink more water and less wine”. Now it should have a check mark next to it and also read “a girl wanting to eat more salad and less chocolate”. 

Really? I’m having to impose a ban on chocolate? Yes, it seems that way. I ate my way through 2015 – it was a painful year – but 2016 is gonna be different. And it starts tonight. 

As I sit here typing on my iPad, which is resting on my stomach/chocolate shelf, I am announcing publicly I’m easing off the brown, gooey, caramel centred loveliness that is Whittaker’s. Note I used the word ‘ban’ earlier and already I’m shifting toward an ‘easing off’. 


This is going to get ugly.


Double bedroom makeover (sort of)

So for the past two weeks, when most folks are focused on Christmas, I chose this busy time of year to turn the house upside down. Literally. Ok, well, maybe not the whole house, but definitely 3 bedrooms. Let me explain…

The spare bedroom (as it was):

Our spare bedroom is the second largest out of four. And as you can see, we weren’t expecting guests any time soon. While working during the school term, running two sports-mad boys to their sports, AND deciding to decluttering other rooms,  I neglected and abused this room.

In the meantime, our boys were currently in bunk beds sharing a smaller room. They wanted to continue sharing but neither of them particularly enjoyed the top bunk any longer. And I sure as hell despise changing the sheets of a top bunk! The two beds are King Single (larger than a normal single) and were too big for the smaller room.

So my husband and I dismantled all the furniture and swapped the two rooms over. Sounds easy as. It’s a lot of hard work because of course I spring clean as I go!

This is the boys’ old room:

And this is the boys’ new room (with new bedding):

There’s a few more things I would like to do in here, like paint the walls and add some cool shelving and bedside lights but for now, this is it.

And this is the new spare bedroom for guests (new bedding, cushions and curtains):


I am also planning on painting this room too, but again time and budget was all used up!

The bedrooms are the very first thing you see when you walk through the door. And I hated them! For weeks and weeks, especially recently, I couldn’t stand walking into the house because they had become such a negative energy.
Now I love these rooms and am ready for unexpected guests over the holiday season. The kids are happier too. They have a home for all their ‘stuff’ – yes, boys have ‘stuff’, just like girls!

In the coming weeks, I will post about some free/cheap storage solutions I’ve created. And I will also reveal my wardrobe makeover aaannnd show you my new craft room (so excited about that one!)

Whatever you are doing over the holiday break, have a happy and safe one!


A Booze Free Life Is Better

I just commented on a Living Sober post that alcohol will add nothing a family dinner. I feel like I can say that because as some of you know I have been having (albeit very far and few between) wines. And it has added NOTHING.

So why bother at all? Partly because I haven’t found an AF drink I particularly enjoy yet but I will keep trying. And, what side of the fence am I on? Definitely the AF one. I just don’t see what the big fuss around alcohol is about. It doesn’t make things more fun. It didn’t make me more relaxed, in fact it had the opposite affect. Instead of giving me confidence, it actually ended up shredding any I had! Along with dignity, self respect and self love.

To anyone struggling, keep on being AF. Life is SO much better without it!

Moving people out of your life

I know, two posts in one day! But the following really, really resonated with me and I wants to share it with you all.
From Chalene Johnson’s Facebook page:

When people see you getting better and changing and transforming in a positive way, it can feel very threatening for others at times, especially if they aren’t secure in themselves. It’s unfortunate, but people will put you down for something that they wish they were doing. So, my recommendation to you is to just slowly and quietly move them out if your life, and focus on your friendships that support and honor you.

You don’t owe ANYBODY your energy. If you feel someone’s continually robbing you of your energy, carefully and slowly step back, send love their way, and move on. Energy begets energy – and you need happy, positive people on your team around you!

Yes! This is how I am now viewing my narcissistic SIL and our so-called “mutual friends”. I am happy to say I am focusing on nurturing friendships that are good for me.

Christmas Decorations are up

Oh, how I love Christmas! I’m not sure what it is, but I start grinning from ear to ear once the decorations are up! If you’re more bah humbug, this post is not for you!

The kids decorated the tree this year. It was extremely difficult for me (perfectionist, bauble OCD) to not re-do any of it, or to comment while they were doing it. I’ve seen the new way of decorating like-colour with like-colour I’d love to give it a go one year, but I dare not rain on their parade. And really, they did a fantastic job!

Our front porch is modest and I like to keep it fairly simple and clutter free. We used to just have the wreath, so this year I have added the garland for more interest. I’m also on the lookout for a small festive picture or sign, suitable for outdoors, to hang on the left, inward-facing wall. I’m pretty fussy, and I know what I want when I see it, so nothing may happen immediately. I’ve also decided I would like a red or grey mat. And I noticed the porch needs repainting (argh!), so I might go a darker grey than it currently is. Hey! I just noticed how bad the concrete pad looks. It needs sealing and painting (double argh!!).

My table centrepiece. It’s basic and I’d like to add some bits of greenery to this. I’ve seen a tonne of pins on Pinterest with festive hurricane lamps but I just haven’t had the time yet to create anything more with mine! Maybe by next year?!

I have a confession to make. While out shopping today, Ipicked up some pretty cool accessories for two of the three bedrooms we are  going to redecorate in 2016. I have such a clear vision for the rooms, I already know what accessories to get! More about that another time though.

Have you got your decorations up yet? 

Til next time,


My “day off”…

Sometimes there’s this discord between my hubby and me…we are both competitive, Type A people which usually works well, but sometimes I feel like my feathers get ruffled by him. Normal in any long term partnership, I’m sure!

Today was my “day off work”, meaning I’m not at my paid job outside the home. However, I work just as hard, if not harder sometimes, in the home! Take today for example. I’ve spent several hours selecting and cleaning down all the items we are selling at Saturday’s car boot sale. 

However, I guess to him as he walks in the door, it looks as though the kids’ old toys have multiplied and thrown up all over the house! I’ve brought in all the old toys from the shed, where we were storing them because we ran out of room in the house. So, admittedly the place looks like a toy-bomb exploded but I can’t sell stuff that has years of dust all over it! (I’m Type A remember?) It must all be wiped clean with a damp cloth and soapy water and left on towels laid out to dry. 🙄

So he comes in and is full of how much he has to do this evening, and all I hear is blah, blah, blah. Like seriously, I have sh*t to get done too. But! I’m trying not to enter into the “I’ve got more to do, than you” argument so I swat those thoughts away. Instead, I am Miss Cranky Pants! I snap at him, then we he responds defensively, I tell him to stop being so short with me! 😂 And instead of being an adult and sharing with him that I might be at fault, I’ve shut myself in our bedroom and communicating with you lot instead!

What a fun day off! I’m almost looking forward to work tomorrow. 🤔