All chocoholics, please raise your hand

Ok so the subtitle to this blog says something like “a girl wanting to drink more water and less wine”. Now it should have a check mark next to it and also read “a girl wanting to eat more salad and less chocolate”. 

Really? I’m having to impose a ban on chocolate? Yes, it seems that way. I ate my way through 2015 – it was a painful year – but 2016 is gonna be different. And it starts tonight. 

As I sit here typing on my iPad, which is resting on my stomach/chocolate shelf, I am announcing publicly I’m easing off the brown, gooey, caramel centred loveliness that is Whittaker’s. Note I used the word ‘ban’ earlier and already I’m shifting toward an ‘easing off’. 


This is going to get ugly.



8 thoughts on “All chocoholics, please raise your hand

  1. JK says:

    My sweet tooth has become super aggressive (esp for chocolate) since I’ve stopped drinking (very early on for me, about 2 weeks). I wonder if this is normal and how long this has lasted for others. Yesterday I tried crunching almonds and cacao nibs to give my my chocolate fix all I can say is it was a sad substitute. πŸ™‚


    • Water Girl NZ says:

      Sad substitute? Noooooooo! I heard almonds were meant to stabilise your blood sugar levels and curb chocolate cravings so that was going to be my go-to.
      I’ll give anything a go to help!


  2. Jackie (Wine Bitch) says:

    It does get better I promise. It lasted about two months for me. And now I get the odd sugar craving, but miraculously, I do crave healthy stuff…..again, miracle. Its as if my body had found it’s “voice” – “Hey, thanks for not poisoning me anymore, how about a helping of leafy greens tonight? And then tomorrow, maybe we can go for a run…”
    Ok, I made up the last bit about the run, but you get the gist…xxx


    • Water Girl NZ says:

      Ooh, I would love it if my body would demand leafy greens and going for runs!

      πŸ€” I am one of those rare people who never got bitten by the ‘running bug’…I had to force myself every. single. time.

      Last year I achieved what I set out to achieve re wine. This year I am building upon that and turn my attention to diet and exercise.

      Do you have any goals like that?


  3. Millie says:

    I Iove coconut Whittakers, and the plain, and the peanut, and the hockey pokey and…… πŸ™‚ no more ice cream or chocolate for me either, I’m thankful it’s what kept me sober but my Whittakers belly has to go!


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