Double bedroom makeover (sort of)

So for the past two weeks, when most folks are focused on Christmas, I chose this busy time of year to turn the house upside down. Literally. Ok, well, maybe not the whole house, but definitely 3 bedrooms. Let me explain…

The spare bedroom (as it was):

Our spare bedroom is the second largest out of four. And as you can see, we weren’t expecting guests any time soon. While working during the school term, running two sports-mad boys to their sports, AND deciding to decluttering other rooms,  I neglected and abused this room.

In the meantime, our boys were currently in bunk beds sharing a smaller room. They wanted to continue sharing but neither of them particularly enjoyed the top bunk any longer. And I sure as hell despise changing the sheets of a top bunk! The two beds are King Single (larger than a normal single) and were too big for the smaller room.

So my husband and I dismantled all the furniture and swapped the two rooms over. Sounds easy as. It’s a lot of hard work because of course I spring clean as I go!

This is the boys’ old room:

And this is the boys’ new room (with new bedding):

There’s a few more things I would like to do in here, like paint the walls and add some cool shelving and bedside lights but for now, this is it.

And this is the new spare bedroom for guests (new bedding, cushions and curtains):


I am also planning on painting this room too, but again time and budget was all used up!

The bedrooms are the very first thing you see when you walk through the door. And I hated them! For weeks and weeks, especially recently, I couldn’t stand walking into the house because they had become such a negative energy.
Now I love these rooms and am ready for unexpected guests over the holiday season. The kids are happier too. They have a home for all their ‘stuff’ – yes, boys have ‘stuff’, just like girls!

In the coming weeks, I will post about some free/cheap storage solutions I’ve created. And I will also reveal my wardrobe makeover aaannnd show you my new craft room (so excited about that one!)

Whatever you are doing over the holiday break, have a happy and safe one!



7 thoughts on “Double bedroom makeover (sort of)

  1. SC says:

    So your kids’ names appear on their headboards, and as a history buff I just hafta point out that you named them after one of the USA’s most underrated presidents, Benjamin Harrison. He’s not especially popular, but the guy sure did a lot for Black voting rights and creating our system of National Forests.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. GeeA says:

    I LOVE IT! Yep – de-cluttering ‘in the physical’ does similar ‘in the mind’. So healthy for us to do this. Last year on the 31st of December I did our open plan living/dining/lounge area. I was completely stuffed by midnight – but my goodness on New Year’s Day I couldn’t wait to get out of bed and go and admire and sit and enjoy…… this year I did it early. Just a couple of weeks ago. And am again very happy with yet another new placement of the furniture. Same old stuff – nothing new purchased. Just cleaned and moved. And ‘whalaaa’ a whole new perspective! Love that too. You go girl! Happy Christmas & all the very best for 2016 to you and your gorgeous wee family too!


    • Water Girl NZ says:

      Hello lovely! I’m so sorry not to have replied sooner, I’ve been offline quite a lot recently and quite a nice break it has been too 😃 I love changing things around! My husband used to groan but actually finds it quite amusing to come home and the lounge is totally different! I hope you and yours survived/enjoyed Christmas? How did you get on with your famnemy (family/enemy, made that up just now lol)?


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