Moving people out of your life

I know, two posts in one day! But the following really, really resonated with me and I wants to share it with you all.
From Chalene Johnson’s Facebook page:

When people see you getting better and changing and transforming in a positive way, it can feel very threatening for others at times, especially if they aren’t secure in themselves. It’s unfortunate, but people will put you down for something that they wish they were doing. So, my recommendation to you is to just slowly and quietly move them out if your life, and focus on your friendships that support and honor you.

You don’t owe ANYBODY your energy. If you feel someone’s continually robbing you of your energy, carefully and slowly step back, send love their way, and move on. Energy begets energy – and you need happy, positive people on your team around you!

Yes! This is how I am now viewing my narcissistic SIL and our so-called “mutual friends”. I am happy to say I am focusing on nurturing friendships that are good for me.


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