Christmas Decorations are up

Oh, how I love Christmas! I’m not sure what it is, but I start grinning from ear to ear once the decorations are up! If you’re more bah humbug, this post is not for you!

The kids decorated the tree this year. It was extremely difficult for me (perfectionist, bauble OCD) to not re-do any of it, or to comment while they were doing it. I’ve seen the new way of decorating like-colour with like-colour I’d love to give it a go one year, but I dare not rain on their parade. And really, they did a fantastic job!

Our front porch is modest and I like to keep it fairly simple and clutter free. We used to just have the wreath, so this year I have added the garland for more interest. I’m also on the lookout for a small festive picture or sign, suitable for outdoors, to hang on the left, inward-facing wall. I’m pretty fussy, and I know what I want when I see it, so nothing may happen immediately. I’ve also decided I would like a red or grey mat. And I noticed the porch needs repainting (argh!), so I might go a darker grey than it currently is. Hey! I just noticed how bad the concrete pad looks. It needs sealing and painting (double argh!!).

My table centrepiece. It’s basic and I’d like to add some bits of greenery to this. I’ve seen a tonne of pins on Pinterest with festive hurricane lamps but I just haven’t had the time yet to create anything more with mine! Maybe by next year?!

I have a confession to make. While out shopping today, Ipicked up some pretty cool accessories for two of the three bedrooms we are  going to redecorate in 2016. I have such a clear vision for the rooms, I already know what accessories to get! More about that another time though.

Have you got your decorations up yet? 

Til next time,



12 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations are up

  1. suburbanbetty says:

    Tree went up today! It’s mostly decorated but needs more “fronds”. I shall post as well!
    Your deco looks beautiful, I like the table centerpiece, perhaps I’ll try that. I’m waiting a few days to buy a runner because all the xmas stuff will be 1/2 off 3 weeks before xmas!!


  2. ainsobriety says:

    Your tree looks so pretty.
    I have done nothing. We have our outdoor lights on, but no tree yet.
    I need to buy a new one as ours was ruined in our flood this summer.
    Somehow it all seems like work.
    Your post has motivated me a bit. I will try to leave the humbug behind!


  3. candyflossfog says:

    I go absolutely batshit crazy for Christmas too! This’ll be my first sober Christmas, so I’ll be adding a Christmas flair to my sober drinks (any excuse). Very jealous of your wreath, I haven’t found one I like this year.


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