Decluttering – Bathroom

Ok, so we (my husband and two boys) live in a fairly small house with one bathroom…yes, only one! It’s tough being the only female in the house, however I do have long term plans up my sleeve that will save my sanity!

Until such a time (when we financially recover from the major reno of our lounge, kitchen, dining room and laundry!) I spent a couple of hours today decluttering, cleaning and reorganising my bathroom cabinet. If you look at the photo you will see I am surviving with just one drawer. Actually, just half a drawer because ‘the boys’ are sharing the left half. Everything – makeup, hair stuff and lotions – has to be purchased carefully because this is all the space I have…for now.

This is slightly embarrassing, but here is the vanity before… 

I know, I know, I know!! How could I let it get to that state?? Busy-working-sports-playing-mum just doesn’t cut it these days because that describes most of us! What can I say? I preferred binge-watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at night instead of cleaning. Ugh.

So here is the after… 

And I see a ton of these sorts of before and after photos with specially purchased containers, baskets, boxes etc. I bought nothing! I used up what I had around the house. Does it all match? Not really. Is it how I want it? Again, not really. Is it an improvement from before? YES! And that is all I need to make me happy.

Progress, not perfection.

Letting go.



6 thoughts on “Decluttering – Bathroom

    • Water Girl NZ says:

      Wow, thank you! I take this as very high praise! My initial thought to your comment was “Really?!” because I feel as though it’s all over the place – like me, I guess!


  1. suburbanbetty says:

    Fabulous! I did the konmari deal on my clothes closet and then got distracted by other things and didn’t finish the rest of the house. I’m actually embarrassed looking at your tiny space because I have a GIGANTIC vanity and it’s disorganized. I’m on it!!


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