Slowly resurfacing

I’ve been hiding for a while. I couldn’t read or write recently because I was tired, emotionally drained from dealing with feeling, without an outlet of escape. 

Pearl Jam, In Hiding.

This song resonates right now.

My SIL has really “done a number” on me. And perhaps I would be over it/her by now if I didn’t have to see her daily. I guess I will never know.


7 thoughts on “Slowly resurfacing

  1. Mrs D says:

    I look forward to the day where she loses all power over you, ceases to impact on your emotions and becomes just a sorry twisted figure who you feel somewhat sorry for because she has to live in this hate filled way but also you feel caring towards her (even though she hates you!) because you wouldn’t wish that way of living on anyone. I have a very very very similar relationship problem in my life. Uncannily similar xxx


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