Just keep life simple (Warning: contains swearing)

Ugh. Today was one of those days. You know the kind. You’re just left at the end of the day feeling wound up over the little stuff you’re told not to sweat. And usually you don’t sweat it. But sometimes, some days are just fucking annoying. Irritating. Irksome.

Yesterday I returned to my wee “Office Junior” job after being off for most of the school holidays and the first thing I noticed was the back log of filing. No biggie, I got stuck into it. There was quite a lot of communication back and forth between surgeons for a particular patient and also test results, but I couldn’t find her file in the cabinet. So I looked at our appointments on the computer and realise she is seeing a surgeon that day, which means her file will be with that surgeon. Not much I can do about that, I stick the papers back in the filing tray.

Today when I arrive my (narcissistic) co-worker says, to no one in particular, “We must really keep on top of the filing.” I stopped in my tracks and said “I did the filing yesterday and will be doing more today..?” To which she says, “Oh yes, but we really, really must keep on top of it.”

I didn’t say it, but I should have responded with, “I can only do the filing when I’m here. When I’m not, I can’t control whether it’s being kept on top of.” ARGH. She’s very passive aggressive and so critical. I just looked at her, I couldn’t speak because “What the fuck?!” would have popped out.

I also had the “What time are you staying til today?” But before I could reply, the sweet, high pitched little girl voice gets turned on and says, “5:30? Pleeeease?” She knows I have to leave at 1:30/2. Then she makes some comment about wanting a holiday but how she can’t go because I can’t cover her hours. But wait, there’s more! As I’m leaving, I get asked if I had managed to get hold of a certain patient…she knew I hadn’t been able to!! But by asking, she’s making the point that she thinks I’m inadequate.

Until now, I’ve gotten along fine – my SIL taught me a lot about manipulative behaviour – but it just got to me today. Grr.

Then I had to drive to pick my kids up and take them to their first game of Futsall for the season. I’m co-coach of my son’s Team. My SIL (we do not get along) turned up without shinnies (shin pads) for my 5 year old nephew. I’d already loaned two spare pairs to other players who’d turned up earlier without them…I had none to offer my wee nephew. The rules state if any player goes on without shinnies, the other team automatically receive a goal, per non-shinnie player.

A little daunted with coaching for the first time, and coaching Year 1 children, I realised I was going to have to put my big girl knickers on and ask my SIL if she had shinnies with her, or not.

She took a moment to answer me, in fact, I wasn’t sure if she was at all, and when she did it was a very cold, abrupt “No.” And of course me being the helpful, people pleaser I suggested perhaps an older sibling playing a later game may have shinnies to loan my nephew. Before I could completely finish the sentence, she replied very curtly, without even looking at me once, “No, he will be fine.”

Really? So many thoughts were racing through my mind…the main thought being, does she really not give a shit her dear wee boy may get hurt at his first ever game of Futsall? And if so, may never want to play again? Her pride, because she would never take my advice of borrowing from someone else, is more important than her son’s shins. What. The. Fuck.

So I walked away and rallied the kids, who had a great first game! And luckily no one was injured.

But seriously folks, why are people so fucking complicated. Keep it simple, keep it kind ffs!

Rant over. Apologies to those potentially offended by the swearing.



9 thoughts on “Just keep life simple (Warning: contains swearing)

  1. SC says:

    Wow… just wow. The whole “grown woman speaking in a little girl voice” completely chaps my ass too. If a man tried speaking like a little boy to make people do what he wanted, he’d be laughed out of the room. I really hope you call bullshit on her behavior.

    By the way, did your team give up the goal, or did your nephew warm the bench all game? And speaking from somewhat similar experience, it may be helpful to impose a team penalty on any kid who doesn’t bring their shinguards to a game – maybe running extra laps at the next practice – to help them or their parents remember their kit in the future.


    • Water Girl NZ says:

      I hope I call bullshit on her behaviour too! I’m quite naive though and often don’t realise someone is having a go at me until afterwards!

      No, the referee saw that the other team were without shinnies on some kids also, so he let it slide with a reminder (which SIL didn’t hear because she wouldn’t come anywhere near me).


  2. Lucky Ducky says:

    Golly, I hear how frustrating this was. I guess the world is full of manipulative, nasty pieces of work. All of it would have gotten my back up too. Hmm, my child plays futsal too but there’s been no mention of shin pads required luckily!


    • Water Girl NZ says:

      Yep, just one of those days. Usually it doesn’t bother me, but maybe the two together just rubbed me up the wrong way! Maybe I’ll ask them to take turns at being arseholes next time lol!


  3. Millie says:

    Jesus! you really got poked with people holding the insensitive stick. You co-worker sounds like a very passive/aggressive person and I suspect she’s offloading her issues onto you because.. well.. because she can (or maybe that’s just her bossy personality). Try to take your balance of power back , she wont like it but bully’s in the workplace usually shirk away from strength and confrontation. As for you SIL, another one with issues you cant help. Pffffttt….some people……. :/

    Liked by 1 person

  4. suburbanbetty says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your rant, as I too have been dealing with annoying, ridiculous and unnecessary manipulation at work. This shit really needs to stop. Hahaha! But it probably won’t so we’ll just keep taking our deep breaths and smiling when we really want to punch someone in the head:)

    Liked by 1 person

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