5k race & 1st ever hockey practice

Yesterday I ran 5k, and of course yesterday was the day I was dropped a hay fever bomb. Sigh. It was horrible but I made it in 36 minutes. At least I put myself out there and did it. As a wise friend said, use it as a benchmark. 

In the afternoon, I then had my first ever hockey practice! It looks scary as a spectator but it’s not as scary when you’re in it. It was fun! Though of course I fell 😂

What a great active day! 

Today the kids go back to school for the final term of the year. While it’ll be nice to get some alone time, I do love the school holidays! This morning I am off to my first ever public yoga class, I’ve only ever done yoga in the privacy of my own home. Humiliation time lol!



4 thoughts on “5k race & 1st ever hockey practice

  1. GeeA says:

    You are ‘so’ getting out there! Go you! And go the Yoga too. I got so much more out of the real life situation than I do/did at home alone…… you’ll love it!


    • Water Girl NZ says:

      Thanks, it makes me feel so alive, this living life stuff lol! I didn’t get to do the yoga, I had trouble finding the studio and by the time I did, I was late and she doesn’t take latecomers. I did a YouTube yin yoga instead. Better luck next week hopefully!


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