I’m ready to set goals!

In my past life, I was a life coach. I know all there is to know about goal setting. Everything I set out to achieve, I achieve. Not really surprisingly the last 9 months or so, I’ve just been drifting. Okay I have had a lot of private stuff hitting the proverbial, but now that it is becoming easier to handle, I’m ready to set some goals…✔️

…or so I thought until I sat down with pen and paper and a blank mind!! I can’t think of anything that gets me inspired or excited which has left me feeling concerned about my lack of feelings (maybe my medication needs dialling down?!) 😐

I’ve just returned from my son’s school camp where I had an absolute blast doing all the activities I pretty much haven’t done since my own school camp (ahem, 28 years ago). We went abseiling, rock climbing, kayaking, water sliding and flying foxing. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long, long time and I left camp physically wasted but so alive. The sparkle had returned to my eyes, I’m sure of it. I haven’t felt alive like that since my back-packing days where I would decide to fly off to Canada or Africa or Australia, on a whim.

My question is, dear readers, “What are your goals?” I would love to start a conversation around this and perhaps we can inspire one another?!



One thought on “I’m ready to set goals!

  1. ainsobriety says:

    Honest answer. I have no goals.
    I am still trying to embrace just be ing. Not trying to change or improve anything. But to allow myself to experience life and enjoy it.

    My old way was to create elaborate goals, with rigid rules and consequences. I was ruthless in my need to achieve. And it did bring me a lot of success. But it also led me into obsessive compulsive behaviour.

    I was so worried no goals would lead me into complacency, but it hasn’t.

    This is just me. I know others use goals as a positive aspect of enjoying life. I’m still working on that possibility and look forward to hearing what you do!


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