Embracing the introvert

It’s difficult to find these times of solitude as a wife and mum of two young boys. In fact, the most time is a couple of hours and I usually use that time for housework. I now know I am an introvert and I now understand exactly what that means. No wonder I needed to drink in social situations! I’m feeling more and more that now is the time I reward myself with solitude. So I’ve booked myself a mental health break in a different city. Just me. No hubby, no kids. 

My eldest is turning 10 today. I think I can afford a more substantial “me time”, since it’s been 10 years without it! And while the logical part of my brain is writing this, I can hear that inner abuse bitch murmuring that I’m being selfish, that I’m spending money on just me, I’m putting pressure on my husband…etc, etc. 

But, as a lovely reader pointed out, perhaps she’s not my inner abuse bitch. Perhaps I need to embrace her and look at her with kindness and love. Instead of inner abuse bitch, perhaps she is Speaking on behalf of my conscience, keeping me balanced between totally giving and totally selfish. 

After all, our thoughts are just that…thoughts. And thoughts can be changed. I have the freedom to choose to look at my inner voice and not react but respond

Now there’s a thought!



3 thoughts on “Embracing the introvert

  1. GeeA says:

    I reckon we need to nurture ourselves before we can do any other nurturing of quality – anyway. I’d say after 10 years you need to replenish ‘the inner store cupboard’. You’ll be a far better YOU, wife and mother if you do take a mental health time-out. I know. Been there done that. And doing more of it! Good on you for putting up your hand and saying – enough – I need a time-out!

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  2. Millie says:

    I think you just hit the nail on the head with ” reward myself with solitude”, so often we see this as negative and selfish thing but to truly enjoy and embrace me time is so healing and important, especially in sobriety. I’ll choose a soak in the bath over a drink any day and I never thought I’d hear myself say that! You’re’ looking after you! yay!


  3. Heya, Monster. says:

    Love the idea of a trip away. Even if just for a day. Good for you! … And yes to hearing that voice inside through a different filter. Self-criticism and judgment can go away for all I care. *smile*

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