A little reflection…

As the school holidays near their end, I’m reflecting on what a lovely time it’s been. I think these holidays have been the best yet. Finally, I may have found the perfect balance between doing fun stuff and downtime. 
We have:

* seen two movies (Minions & Inside Out)

* been to a play

* been to a playground

* visited our friends at Orphan’s Aid

* had friends over that we don’t see during school term because we’re all too busy

* reignited our interest in colouring in

* got back into jigsaw puzzles

* made huts

* played hide n seek (a lot trickier for Mum to hide!!)

Tomorrow my 9 year old starts his two days of intense Football Academy training, while my 5 year old and I visit the Art Gallery.

I feel VERY fortunate to hang with my two little boys, making memories together, learning things together. 

Enjoy your little people, for they are not little for long.



3 thoughts on “A little reflection…

  1. HealthyJenn says:

    Sounds like you are “living”…and isn’t that motivation to be alcohol-free…its a gift to really be present for life and connect with people/family instead of drowning in a bottle? I know I plan on taking in every minute of every day I have left whether that’s just today or another 60 years.
    So happy for you in finding balance and happiness.


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