After a busy few weeks of settling into the new job, making some mistakes there (which my perfectionist personality despises), and rushing the kids to their after school sports every day, I’m tired. This weekend it has caught up with me. 

This weekend I have also had two dinner parties to go to so both Friday and Saturday nights were late (for me). Yes, I needed to go to both but mostly I wanted to because I’m nurturing new friendships in an effort to fill the void left by ending a few toxic friendships. Also, being an introvert, I find socialising in groups very draining. And until writing this, I was concerned how tired I am…was it the beginning of a Lupus flare

But in writing this I now see the tiredness is fairly explainable (I know fatigue sits in the background permanently). I have just spent all morning in bed, and I mean ALL morning, dozing on and off whilst listening to The Bubble Hour podcasts. Hubby took the kids and went grocery shopping so we have food organised for the week ahead. 

Life has become busy with me working and the kids playing two sports each. As I approach my 40th birthday, I’ve finally learned I need to completely stop occasionally. Not use my spare time doing yoga or squeezing in a run. But stopping to rest and only rest. Self care and sobriety go hand in hand beautifully.



5 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Mrs D says:

    Yeah I’m still working on this.. my ‘stop’ seems to be at about 1.30pm where I lie on the sofa and watch about an hour of TV watching the clock until I have to go pick the boys up from school at 3… it’s gold (but I always wish it were longer.. while also feeling slightly bad about it). Crazy!

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  2. Annie says:

    I definitely need to work on the rest thing. I feel permanently exhausted. I’ve been away from the sober world, but I’m back and have been catching up on your blog. Annie x


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