Rise above

 My SIL is still not speaking to me but I’m continuing to say hello when I see her. I’m occupying less of my head space worrying about her and the situation, and more of it making plans of things to look forward to. I’m enjoying my kids. I’m enjoying nurturing old and new friendships. I’m enjoying my husband. I’m creating my new normal, a life I love. I’m growing more into myself. I’m becoming content
Just as alcohol was toxic for me, she was too. I’m 92 days without booze and loving how I barely think about it anymore. I’m getting to that point with her too. She’s a narcisstic princess – why the hell would I want that in my life? Don’t get me wrong, it’s sad what has happened, but I’m not turning myself inside out over her anymore. I’m getting busy living.

 ^ Wise woman that Karen.



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