Saturday is sports day

 Today is an amazing Autumnal day. The sun is shining, the harbour is a sparkly blue and still. Being a Saturday morning, our family is up and out very early for our kids’ sports. Our 9 year old plays soccer at 9am and our 5 year old plays rugby (his first ever season) at 9:30. A lot has to happen in a short period of time on a Saturday morning and as I’m typing this, I’m thinking to myself, “How the fuck did I do this hungover?” The truth is, last season when I was drinking, I didn’t always do it. There were a lot of mornings I stayed in bed instead. Just another black mark in the crap parent column. 

My husband is co-coach of our son’s soccer team so was with them this morning, which meant I was taking Harry to rugby. He plays in a team with his cousin. My SIL’s son. The SIL I’m having all this trouble with. I was all angsty about it, but we were first to arrive which made it easier somehow. It was difficult to start with but I gave myself a mental pep talk about focusing on Harry’s game and being present for him. And it worked. I stood by myself for the majority until my husband and soccer son arrived for the last 5 minutes. In that time Harry scored another try and unlike the previous two, I had someone beside me to celebrate with. My husband is my rock, on so many levels.

Walking back to the car, I decided enough with the feeling angsty shit. It’s a gorgeous day, I’m gonna go for a run. And so I did. The first time in, I don’t know, maybe 2, 3 maybe even 4 weeks. It felt really good, mentally to be out there. It was good for my heart, literally of course but mostly spiritually. I haven’t been able to write a blog entry all week, despite dropping in and wanting to, but then leaving after ‘liking’ and commenting on others. Today’s run cleared my head. And my heart.


6 thoughts on “Saturday is sports day

  1. Just a Running Chick says:

    Yay! So glad you went for a run!

    Even though I’ve started drinking again (after not drinking for over 16 years), I don’t really drink that much. Why? Because I’m running, and if I drink, I get terrible leg cramps. And let’s face it – it’s not much fun being hungover. Good for you for getting this far in your sobriety! 🙂

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  2. SC says:

    I played rugby in college here in the USA. I LOVE the game, even thought I have too many injuries now to consider playing against kids half my age. (My wife suggests I play “touch,” but I was a tight-head flanker and so the only thing I was ever good at was tackling and plowing through someone trying to tackle me. Touch takes that fun away.)

    Anyway, I’m really happy that your kids can start playing at age 5, and I wish that we had youth development rugby leagues where I live. The youngest a kid can play here is high school (U-19), and that seems like a really late start.


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