100 Years Ago, We Will Remember

 Today, 25th of April, marks the 100th anniversary of New Zealand and Australian troops landing on the beaches of Gallipoli in WW1. 

My Great Grandfather (seated in the chair outside his home) fought at Gallipoli. He was actually shot in the head, but luckily somehow, managed to have his hand up so the bullet went through his hand first. That probably saved his life. Family members have eluded to him coming home a different man and older generations blamed it on being shot in the head. But I imagine there was incredibly traumatic psychological damage too. What did our surviving men see, day in, day out for months on end?
My Grandfather, pictured on his motorbike, was training to be a pilot but tragically died when out one day with his instructor, their plane never recovered from a spin. They crashed in to the ocean, off the coast of Brighton, Dunedin. Despite search efforts the plane and their bodies were never found. His wife was just 6 months pregnant with my Dad. 

We will always remember.


4 thoughts on “100 Years Ago, We Will Remember

  1. ainsobriety says:

    Sad times. I always think of the movie with Mel Gibson. WW 1 must have been awful.

    My dad father died in WW II. He was a pilot and was in Canada training. Their plane crashed into a mountain. My dad was 2.

    The only found the plane about 15 years ago. A Boy Scout troop was hiking and came across it. They built a Carin to mark the site.

    Hard times.


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