Day 40 chills

It seems we have skipped autumn here and plunged deep into winter! It’s school holidays still so yesterday I took the kids to the movies to break our cabin fever. Today I’m packing as we are going away for a few days. Looking forward to that! Where we are going is a very special place in New Zealand. I can’t wait to connect with Mother Nature. 

Today is Day 40. And honestly, I don’t miss wine anymore. I’m not sure if that’s a result only thanks to Jason Vale’s book (Kick the Drink Easily). I’d like to think all the work I’ve been doing on myself has contributed too. “Work” being listening obssessively to The Bubble Hour podcasts, engaging with the Living Sober community, doing a 30-Day Yoga challenge and meditating like crazy. Blogging and connecting with readers here has been an unexpected surprise – thank you. It all helps.

My front yard:



5 thoughts on “Day 40 chills

      • littlemsjones says:

        South Eastern NSW. Only about 3 hours from Sydney in a car but much higher – altitude about 860 metres. We have the real four seasons here, which I love. Occasional snow in winter and lots of bitter frosts. Now it’s a glorious, warm autumn day.


      • littlemsjones says:

        South Eastern NSW. About 3 hours from Sydney by road but much higher in altitude – the town is 860 metres, in the foothills of a 1395 metre mountain. Occasional snow in town and lots on the mountain. We get the real four seasons, unlike a lot of Australia. Autumn is particularly beautiful.


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