“You made your bed…”

I’ve definitely turned a corner in this sobriety journey. I am feeling happily sober, not as though I’m sacrificially (is that even a word?) sober. For Day 37 I’m pretty chuffed about that. It’s not a pink cloud feeling, it’s more permanent than that. 

The party I went to was…fun! We were there for about 2.5 hours, 6-8:30, which was long enough for the kids and we left just before everyone started getting too drunk. Perfect! Another sober milestone down! I bought Rachel Black’s book How to Party Sober and read the whole thing before I went. There were no a-ha moments but a few timely reminders that gave me confidence. 

I’ve also begun reading Jason Vale’s book Kick the Drink Easily! and I think that really helped too. I didn’t have wine envy at all! I just enjoyed the company, the ambience and celebrating my friend’s sister’s achievement (building her own house as a single mum). 

So, instead of stumbling home drunk and falling into bed, I drove us all home, tucked the kids into bed, made a herbal tea and slipped under the covers in my bed.

I made my bed and unlike when I was drinking, I’m more than happy to lay in it!



4 thoughts on ““You made your bed…”

  1. Me Without Wine says:

    I am really proud of you!! And as usual, I get some really great information and inspiration from your posts. I will be reading “How to Party Sober” because I’m nervous about some up and coming events that usually include drinks with friends.


  2. Unconfirmed Bachelorette says:

    Excellent! Loved the Jason Vale book. The first time I met up with drinking friends I ordered a cold-brew coffee. When I got the bill and it was as much as a glass of booze I was so perturbed. I recently started making my bed again, too. Funny how that happens.


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