Party invite

Day 35 and feeling vulnerable. Hubby and I have been invited to a housewarming party by a friend’s sister. Their family drinks a LOT, my wee circle of friends do too so it’s going to be interesting. This is the first time I’ve been with my friends since my Day 1’s eve. 

One thing I feel strong in is my resolution not to drink. It’s just everything else that goes with being at a party surrounded by people drinking. Feeling very much like the odd one out. I’ve definitely got to listen to The Bubble Hour’s Sober Firsts Part 1 and Part 2 between now and then.

And listen to this song again. Scroll down a little and hit the play button. It’s really awesome!!


5 thoughts on “Party invite

  1. Findingmyfreedom says:

    That’s a great thought ‘don’t tough it out’! Definitely look out for yourself. I’ve found the hardest is once people are drunk, they aren’t actually fun to be around (moment of mortification of myself included not so long ago) and can get a bit leary about you leaving. Luckily their memories are often quite hazy the next day 😉 x

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