Lost for words

Day 33.

I’ve completed day 9 of the 30-day yoga challenge. It was difficult today, it was very ‘leggy’ and since I’ve also been for a run my legs were pretty tired and shaky. Here’s the link to day 9. http://youtu.be/1erFYeJo_r4 Feel free to jump in. There’s lots of nice deep breathing involved, slowing down the mind and body.

UPDATE (late afternoon) 

Apologies, I was interrupted and didn’t come back to writing this until hours later. School holidays, you see. 😉

I’m feeling a bit low. Or maybe I’m just feeling tired. I’ve done a fair bit of housework. And I’ve also been culling the children’s books so we can pass on the ones my youngest is getting too old for. I’ve always de cluttered frequently. I hold onto a few nostalgic bits but generally if we aren’t using it and someone else can, we give things away. 

Hubby is away for work for the night. This used to mean I’d have a bottle of wine at the ready to drink while watching my shows. No judging eyes watching me as I drank my way through the bottle. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t judging me, but you know, it was nice being on my own.

Oh blog, this just isn’t working for me today. I can’t think of anything interesting to write. I’ll check in with you again soon.


10 thoughts on “Lost for words

    • Water Girl NZ says:

      I spent 10 years travelling the world, 3 of which I was back-packing. It’s extraordinary to me now to think I lived with just the contents of my back-pack! But I became super good at giving things away because, quite simply, if I couldn’t fit it in my back-pack it had to go.

      It is very freeing. I know when my house is messy and I allow it to become cluttered (happens very easily with two kids!), I become irritable and cranky. When everything has a home, I’m happy.

      Reading that back it sounds as though my house is a museum. Nothing could be further from the truth! I’d say, that it’s relaxed and welcoming. A good balance!

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      • ainsobriety says:

        I have 2 kids too. They are hoarders. Neither will part with anything. At 9 and 11 that’s a lot of stuff.
        It gets to me sometimes, but I try to just let it go. The house is clean. Just full. Lol

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      • Water Girl NZ says:

        Yes, that’s a good tip. Another is, just tackle a corner of the room, or just one pile, or even just a drawer or cupboard. Consistency is the key!


    • Water Girl NZ says:

      Hey! Thanks for your comment…I’m a little surprised I’m still going with the yoga to be honest. I’m definitely feeling better mentally and physically for doing it. And I’m so glad someone gets what I mean! I drank a bottle of my soda water with lemon instead of wine. Oh, and had 4 squares of chocolate, sshhh 😂


  1. Annie says:

    I totally understand that pull to drink on your own in front of the TV. I usually love doing that, all secret. I’m going to have to reinvent my evenings again. Thanks for being here. Annie x

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