PAWS and learning to remain open

I love how PAWS sounds like pause.

I’ve just finished listening to the Bubble Hour’s podcast, ‘PAWS – Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome’. I’ve not bothered listening to it before because the title and topic didn’t seem relevant to me. After all, I didn’t need a drink every day. I didn’t need a drink when I woke up. And when I did drink, I didn’t guzzle the bottle (or 2) every single time. I had assumed that PAWS was for the “full-blown” alcoholics that did all those things I’ve just mentioned that I didn’t.

Once again, I’ve been reminded I cannot assume anything on this journey. I certainly cannot be so innocent (some may say ignorant) to think I wouldn’t learn anything from this particular podcast.

The ladies discuss points that are very relevant to me. Particularly the emotional side of withdrawal. I didn’t have the severity of physical withdrawal i.e. shakiness, night sweats, that kind of thing. But I have, am and will continue to experience (for some time yet, I learned!) the side effects of my brain healing. 

 The point of this update is to highlight the importance of being OPEN to try anything that might keep us sober and to make sobriety a little easier. Heck, I didn’t think I’d be benefitting from meditation, yoga, and all this “naval gazing” as the wonderful Lotta Dann puts it. But I’m trying it out (and not just once, I’m giving it all a real chance) and it has started working! 

Everyone’s journey is different. But there are definitely learning points and gold nuggets of wisdom in each and every one that can help others. The more we share, the better.

Here’s the link to the podcast:


2 thoughts on “PAWS and learning to remain open

    • Water Girl NZ says:

      No problem. There’s one thing I find very frustrating about reading certain blogs – those in which the author doesn’t post the links to what they’re talking about!


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