Recovery is not something you get. Recovery is something you work for.


I get it now. I get why, particularly in the early days of sobriety, it’s constant “work” staying sober. Until sobriety becomes normal, I must find alternative solutions to managing my feelings. Instead of drowning the negative feelings and celebrating the positive ones with wine, I have turned to meditation and yoga. (!)

Perfectionism seems to go hand in hand with anxiety. Well, for me it does anyway. My childhood was spent being criticised and I remember constantly feeling inadequate. For the record, my parents are good, loving people, and they did the best with what they had. Anyway, to deal with anxiety and the rest of the negative feelings I’m currently experiencing, as I said, I’ve turned to meditation and yoga. 

I swear, it’s working. The sick feeling in the pit of my stomach has practically disappeared. Up until just a few days ago, it was so bad I couldn’t take a deep breath. But it’s the breath from both meditation and yoga that is healing me. Im not doing anything else different in my life so that must be it. 

Day 27 sober forever challenge. Day 3 yoga 30-Day challenge.

Off to my SIL to get my hair done. Our relationship is at an all-time low. If that’s not anxiety producing, I don’t know what is.


(Yes, I meant to put the picture here twice.)


5 thoughts on “Recovery is not something you get. Recovery is something you work for.

  1. Just a Running Chick says:

    It appears that you are a lot like me. My family suffered a trauma when I was very young and at an impressionable age. They also did the best they could under the circumstances. Ah, yes – perfectionism also runs in my family! You have to give yourself a break sometimes. You can’t expect your sobriety to be perfect every day. And I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to make a suggestion. Here in the United States, AA says, “take one day at a time.” So instead of saying, “Day 27 sober forever challenge,” I would suggest saying “Day 27 of sobriety.” Thinking of being sober forever is too much to handle; hence the saying, “one day at a time.” Peace be with you!


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