Cyber Sober Yoga 

Ooh how life is raw! My Dad’s cancer operation, my son’s operation and my relationship with my SIL turning sour…it’s not surprising my anxiety levels are high. I’ve been meditating every night to help me sleep (either Tara Brach’s or Deepak Chopra’s) but I’m also needing something during the day. I have been thinking of incorporating some yoga into my day to help. Then I stumble across this post mentioning a 30 day yoga challenge! Perfect. So today is my sobriety day 25 but my yoga day 1. Will you join me in 30 days of yoga? 


11 thoughts on “Cyber Sober Yoga 

  1. Just a Running Chick says:

    You know I will! LOL I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time of late. Sometimes I listen to the Tibetan healing sounds / singing bowls at night when I have trouble sleeping. For some reason, I think of a hawk soaring in the sky when I hear those bowls! 🙂


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