Mother Nature’s comfort blanket

Yesterday my husband and I dropped our kids off to a kind friend, who had offered to have them while we took a walk. It was my Day 15 and although that’s only been two weeks, in that short time my Dad had his prostate removed (cancer) and my relationship with my SIL has turned sour. It’s been a bit stressy. And I’ve been putting sobriety before anything else, the kids naturally come second and so, to be honest there hasn’t been much time (nor energy) for hubby. He knows I’m sober and why. But there’s not been much communication between us about it and how he’s feeling. So I suggested we go “up the hill” which is at the end of our street.


Connecting with nature calms my mind and feeds my soul. I think more clearly, my thoughts are more…well, clean and free. I caught him up on where I’m at with alcohol and sobriety. We talked about the demise of my relationship with my SIL and how that’s going to work for the wider family, going forward. 


And as we walked and talked, even though we were talking about stressy topics, I was feeling so much calmer and any anxiety I had carried for days had vanished completely. Having my phone with me (in case anything happened with the kids) was great because it made me pause and see the beauty around me as I stopped to take a picture. 


I live in such a beautiful city, surrounded by scenes like these – no wonder I crave nature immersion! How could someone not be affected positively by a walk in this? Nature soothes, heals and restores my mental, emotional and spiritual self. As a result, walking and reconnecting with nature has been added to my sobriety toolbox. 

On our way back, we tuned into the birdsong surrounding us. Bellbirds were calling to one another; just beautiful. Then we were visited by two fantails. 


The first fantail at the top is the most common in New Zealand but the completely black one is very rare! I’m 39 and it’s the first time I’ve seen one! We stopped talking and walking and enjoyed the presence of these two as they flew and darted all around us, almost landing on us, they were so close. It was a special moment.

Today, Day 16, I’m feeling full of gratitude and calm. Reminded I need to make regular dates with myself (and hubby) and take a simple, but rewarding and enriching, walk.


14 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s comfort blanket

  1. littlemsjones says:

    What a beautiful place. We have a lovely lake nearby (an old water supply dam, but lake sounds nicer) and I like to go and float in the middle of it. It makes everything better. Thinking of you and your dad.


  2. iceman18 says:

    Sounds like life is in session. Just don’t drink, no matter what!

    Bad things didn’t happen every time I drank, but when they did happen, I was always drinking.


    • Water Girl NZ says:

      Hi Iceman18, I don’t think we have ‘met’ yet. Yeah, it’s very different facing bad things head on sober without the filter of alcohol. I know which one I prefer.


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