My insecurity button…

An email arrived yesterday regarding a job that (on paper) looks good. A fellow mum at our kid’s school had sent it through after thinking of me! Flattering, you might think. However, it pushes all my insecurity buttons (currently I’m a housewife) as I’ve lost my confidence since not working and sine getting sober.

I’ve also been awake since 5am, caught up in Papancha thinking (thanks for that word, Tara Brach, I love it!), about my Irish sister-in-law and what I would love to say to her. I won’t confront her though. I’m not a drama-inducer, but for my closure, I may need to write her a letter. And then burn it.

So day 12 and as I tried to get blood out of my carpet BEFORE the school run this morning (Mr 5 had a nose bleed and walked the length of the house looking for me to tell me)… As I was blotting blood, I sent out a thank you to the Universe and felt so grateful not to be doing it hungover.

Kia Kaha (be strong) 



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