A family member sent a photo via our phone  group (just our close cirle of friends are in it) a large glass of red wine she’d poured for herself, the caption being “happy place”.

I snapped a pic of my soda water and sent it through to the girls, saving “Cheers!”

A mutual friend jumped in and said “Well that’s not very exciting is it??” This is the same person who told me bluntly “I can’t support you” the first time I tried quitting booze. She is a lot nicer than I am making her sound but I think my quitting booze pushes her buttons. She and I really are only party friends, so it’s quite a possibility the friendship will change because I’m sober. 

What is your experience with the reactions from those around you? How did you cope with changing friendships? Any insights, tips, advice is appreciated!



6 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. littlemsjones says:

    The only people I know who have even slightly negative reactions to me not drinking are people who drink too much. This is a large percentage of my friends. I don’t want to lose them because they are awesome people, so I tend not to make a big deal out of not drinking and a lot of time they don’t actually notice. Fortunately, being around drunk people doesn’t seem to be a trigger for me. It actually helps me relax because I know nobody will notice or remember if I’m a bit awkward!

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  2. Findingmyfreedom says:

    It sounds like you being sober makes your friend question her own drinking behaviour. That’s such a shame and I hope that you haven’t felt awful because of it. It’s not your problem – I mean that in the nicest way possible.
    My MIL is the same with pictures of red wine. On facebook, she posts meme after meme about wine and how it’s happy hour blah blah blah. Argh, so frustrating but yet so very sad.
    I’ll let you know how I get on next weekend in terms of particular people’s reactions to me not drinking 😉


    • Water Girl NZ says:

      Yes, those facebook posts encouraging daily drinking or coping with life via drinking are SO unhelpful right now! Yes, tell me how you get on at the weekend. Bubble Hour podcasts are quite helpful with stuff like that, even if you have heard it before, it’s quite nice to have a reminder. Good luck! Xx


  3. SC says:

    Know what’s cool, though? That friend has the balls to be COMPLETELY honest with you. While it would be nice if she could be supportive, at least you both know exactly where you stand with each other. She’s way better than a friend who gives you some lip service about, “Oh, it’s nice that you’re cutting back…” and then pushes “just one” into your hand.


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